2022 Newsletters

December 2022

  • Is Interest Income Taxable to your Association?
  • HOA Homefront – Rising HOA Insurance Rates and Reader Advice
  • Management – What is the Right Fit for Your Association
  • Florida Fraud Case Evolving

September 2022

  • When Enough is too Much: Enforcement Against Repeat Offenders
  • Certificates of Deposit for your Reserve Funds – An Update
  • Possible Legislation – AB1410 – Free Speech – Association Issues
  • Secretary of State’s New Website for Filing Statement of Information/Researching your Corporate Status

May 2022

  • Are you Allocating your Assessments Among your Units Correctly?
  • Returned Checks issued during the Union Bank/Pacific Western Bank Changeover
  • Can we Borrow from our Reserve Account?
  • Is it Time to Consider Certificates of Deposit for Reserve Funds?
  • Possible Legislation – AB1410 – Ethics Course for HOA directors

February 2022

  • Affordable Housing Question Update
  • Trends in Assessment Changes from 2021 to 2022
  • Do These Laws Apply to Small Associations

January 2022

  • A 29-Year History of Reserve Funding and Expenditures of an Association
  • Local Association secures funding for Major Repairs from Governmental and Outside Sources
  • Association Monthly Assessment and Expense Trends 2009-2021
  • Tax and Corporate Compliance Updates