The South Coast Homeowners Association (SCHA) invites you to join our group for the upcoming year. SCHA was formed in late 1988 to provide the opportunity for board members to "network" or interact with one another and to provide much needed educational and informational forums in Santa Barbara County for homeowner associations. We have had meetings dealing with legal/legislative updates, association reserve and budget requirements, a full day “HOA 101” seminar, HOA insurance, among others. We encourage members to interact among themselves and provide ample question and answer sessions during all our meetings. Most meetings are free to attend. You may send as many board members from your association to attend each meeting as you'd like.

In addition, we publish a newsletter 4 times per year on topics of current interest to association board members. You will also receive the 2016 Condominium Bluebook, a compilation of state laws for associations (expected January 2016), a $20+ value. Currently over 140 associations are members of South Coast Homeowners Association, ranging in size from 3-750+ units.


Sample content and view newsletters from previous years.

Member Application

Download the membership application in PDF format.