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South Coast HOA Program with Sandra Gottlieb

June 26, 2019

There are many amazing facets of community association work and volunteering: the variety of the work, the ability to get out from behind a desk and go outside and/or on site to see the implementation of our work and the biggest gem of all….the comradery amongst our peers. These are great personal and professional satisfaction motivators. But we all know there is the deep, dark secret. What is the secret? To enjoy all of the facets that make these experiences great and meaningful comes about by working with and amongst people, wonderful, engaging people. However people are imperfect beings. Some more imperfect than others.

Bullying, harassment and disrespectful treatment from that homeowner that didn’t get their way or a board member who is feeding off of the power of their position has become commonplace. Unfortunately, as this has become prevalent in our community, the consequences of that behavior has become normalized. We people can do better than that.

On June 26, 2019, Sandra L. Gottlieb, Esq., CCAL with SwedelsonGottlieb attorneys in Los Angeles will present a program to put bullying and harassment on the chopping block. She will discuss real life situations, fiduciary duties and legal requirements for addressing harassment and bullying in your community.

She wants to encourage South Coast HOA members to share their bullying and harassment stories and allow our community to encourage and support each other. Together, we can build up an auto-response that thwarts these harmful acts. Remember that you are not alone.

The more we share these stories, the more we can work on the solutions. Sandra wants to open the dialog. Have you been bullied in your community association work? After her initial presentation, questions and comments can be shared.

Date – Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Time – 7:00 PM. (light refreshments at 6:45)
Place – Encina Royale Clubhouse – 250 Moreton Bay Lane, Goleta
Cost - none – no RSVP Required
Speaker – Sandra Gottlieb – Attorney – SwedelsonGottlieb – Los Angeles

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