2018 Newsletters

December 2018

  • California AB 2912 Signed! Drastic Changes to HOA Financial Review and Insurance Requirements
  • AB 2912 – New Law Expands the Financial Review Responsibilities of The Board of Directors
  • Secretary of State Statement of Information Filing Update
  • Buyer of a Condominium or Townhome in an HOA – Beware!
  • A Financial Analytic – Annual Assessment compared to Fair Market Value

September 2018

  • Common Issues/Complaints About Boards and Meetings/ Use of Email
  • Is it Time to Reconsider Certificates of Deposit for Association Reserve Cash?
  • Breaking News – AB 2912 Signed – New Financial Requirements
  • 2017 Review of California Court Decisions Affecting Community and Homeowners' Associations
  • “Dear Owners”

January 2018

  • Turnover of Records from Old to New Board and/or Former to New Management Company
  • Quarterly Financial Review Checklist
  • Can/Should an Association Publish a Membership Directory of its Owners and Distribute It?
  • Resources available on SouthCoastHOA.org
  • Assorted Financial “Tidbits” for 2018