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Since the formation of South Coast HOA 29 years ago, we have seen a growth in board member awareness of issues that must be addressed to operate your association more smoothly. These issues are addressed in our periodic newsletter.

It has been the goal of South Coast Homeowners Association to provide quality educational forums on a regular basis as well as distribute timely information to its members in Santa Barbara County and the surrounding area. In recent years, we have had meetings on such topics as new state legislation, collecting past due assessments, reserve studies and budgets, insurance considerations, board member training and maintenance issues. We have brought in speakers who are actively involved with homeowner associations both locally and throughout California.

Since 1989, over 140 associations have joined South Coast HOA. In addition to the newsletters and seminars, we have also distributed association publications to members at no additional cost such as the annual Condominium Bluebook (state law reference), DRE publications and privately published books.

Regulation at the state level continues to expand. Association assets age and require more maintenance. It is imperative that boards of directors have access to as much information as possible to assist in decisionmaking and be aware of professionals who are available to provide services to them.

Your input continues to play a vital role in the activities that South Coast HOA becomes involved. Like your boards of directors, those who are a part of South Coast HOA are all volunteers. Your dues go to pay for newsletters, publications, postage and other out-of-pocket expenses. We look forward to your joining us!


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